These journal articles on Climate Change speak to the important issues
currently being discussed in the psychiatric community.


Climate change and mental health: risks, impacts and priority actions

The authors argue the following three points: firstly, while attribution of mental health outcomes to specific climate change risks remains challenging, there are a number of opportunities available to advance the field of mental health and climate change with more empirical research in this domain; secondly, the risks and impacts of climate change on mental health are already rapidly accelerating, resulting in a number of direct, indirect, and overarching effects that disproportionally affect those who are most marginalized; and, thirdly, interventions to address climate change and mental health need to be coordinated and rooted in active hope in order to tackle the problem in a holistic manner. This discussion paper concludes with recommendations for priority actions to address the mental health consequences of climate change.

Hayes K1, Blashki G2, Wiseman J3, Burke S4, Reifels L5. Int J Ment Health Syst. 2018 Jun 1;12:28.


Addressing the Health Effects of Climate Change: an Approach Based on Evidence and Ethics

Drs. Kirch, President and CEO  of Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) and Dr. Patelle expand on the "Call to Action" by outlining  areas of psychiatric intervention including reducing energy use in institutions and clinical settings, medical and residency education regarding climate change and mental health and participaing in building community resilience and cohesion as component of academic medical centers commuity service mission.

Kirch, D.G. & Petelle, K. Acad Psychiatry (2018) 42: 324.

Climate Change: Call to Action

Excellent editorial review of the major consequences on health and mental well-being with particular recommendations by respected academic psychiatrists. The authors outline opportunities under a framework using the acronym, "CARE"; clinical, administrative, research, and educational initiatives:  

Coverdale, J., Balon, R., Beresin, E.V. et al. Climate change: a call to action for the psychiatric profession. Acad Psychiatry (2018) 42: 317.

Psychiatry’s Role in Responding to Climate  Change

Dr. Altha Stewart, incoming president of American Psychiatric Association (May, 2018), comments on the Call to Action paper and outlines the activities of the APA regarding climate change. She commits the organization " to continue to look for ways to mitigate negative impacts of climate-related events on the population’s mental health"

Stewart, A.J. Psychiatry’s Role in Responding to Climate  Change.  
Acad Psychiatry (2018) 42: 327.