Increase Concern: Nobel Prize Winners Lay Out Tools for Solution.

- Robin Cooper, MD October 2018

From the comfort of my home, I am again watching another extreme hurricane unleashing destruction in Florida. I am in my own personal maelstrom following the news on climate change.

The new report by UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is again sounding alarms with revised predictions of catastrophic impacts of just 1.5 degree C increase; a course we seem set on reaching by mid-century unless we make dramatic changes. Juxtaposed was announcement of the Nobel Peace prize to two economists, William Nordhaus and Paul Romer who outline economic and governmental policy solutions to our climate crisis. Yet Trump policies are leading us off course. Add that to the latest Yale Climate Communications report that Americans are more worried and less hopeful about impacting climate change. This is true madness. Nordhaus handed us a gifts; a tool to contain the damage. He says that robust pricing of carbon is the most efficient remedy requiring polluters to pay the price of the damage to our environment and health. Now we as citizens must create the political will and pressure on our leaders to implement what has been laid out as a way to avoid the most severe impacts. To not do is at our own peril.