Environmental Pollution is associated with risk of psychiatric disorders in US and Denmark

A very important new paper has recently been published exploring the relationship between quality of the environment and rates of psychiatric disorders.  In this well executed data review, the authors indicate air pollution is a very significant risk factor for psychiatric illness especially bipolar disorder and schizophrenia and postulate this occurring through neuro-inflammatory mechanisms.  This is the first significant study of the impact of air pollution on bipolar disorder, a previously neglected area of the research.

 In addition, the analysis expands the review to impacts on children and found similar disturbing associations with air pollution and childhood psychiatric disorders.   

Although this paper does not directly link air pollution with climate change, it does link air pollution with overall environmental decline.  The link between worsening air pollution and climate change has been repeatedly made in other literature.

No matter where we look, it is difficult to ignore the evidence: The fossil fuels we have used to create our post-industrial lifestyle are literally driving us crazy.

Robin Cooper