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Air Pollution and its impact on mental health

Dr. Elizabeth Haase discusses the under-recognized impacts of air pollution on brain functioning and overall mental health in this conversation with Dr. Abbey Strauss of the Florida Psychiatric Society. The FPS produced podcast, “The Experts speak” has an ongoing podcast series of impacts of climate change on health and mental health.

Climate change and its impact on mental health

Dr. Robin Cooper was invited on MDEdge Psychcast to discuss ways climate change is having an effect on public and mental health.

Whole Body, Mental Health
Dr. Jose Calderon-Abbo, psychiatrist in New Orleans hosts a weekly radio broadcast, Whole Body, Mental Health with wide range of conversations.  (link to Dr. Calderon-Abbo’s bio:

Described as a “show that thinks broadly about mental health and addictions, from the mind-body connection and genetics, to the community and the world!”  (

Jose Calderon-Abbo, MD, Host, Whole Body Mental Health Radio Talk Show

Jose Calderon-Abbo, MD, Host, Whole Body Mental Health Radio Talk Show

Dr. Jose Calderon-Abbo did a series of conversations with Climate Psychiatry Alliance leaders on the issues related to Climate Change and Mental Health.

Link to Radio broadcast on ITunes:

  1. Carissa Caban-Aleman, MD. March 11, 2018 “Community Resilience and Climate Change” . Focus of discussion on the vulnerable populations, Dr. Caban-Aleman’s work with subsequent recovery work in Puerto Rico thru her activities with CrearConSalud, Inc, a non-profit group addressing mental health needs in Puerto Rico. Since the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria in Caribbean Islands; attention has shifted to recovery efforts in Puerto Rico with efforts to create community resilience and empowerment.

  2. Janet Lewis, MD. March 31, 2018 “The Environment and the Ego” Discussion on the psychological aspects and impacts of psyche on living in world with threats of climate change with topics covering stress responses, effective coping, psychoanalytic concepts that shed light on understanding the intrapsychic experiences.

  3. Lise Van Susteren, MD, April 21, 2018           “Psychiatric Responses” addresses the impacts of damage to the psyche and emotional toll from climate disruption.  She makes the case that the issue has erroneously been politicized and is actually a scientific, medical and psychiatric concern requiring professional engagement

  4. Robin Cooper, MD  March 28, 2018 (recorded).  "Climate Change: From Paralysis to Activism" .  The impacts of climate change are addressed with particular focus on ways citizens can engage in activities that limit the profound emotional and societal consequences.

Film TrailerS

Frogs in a Pot
Film by Jon Felix with contributions by Dr. Elizabeth Haase, CPA steering committee member, focusing on the effects of climate change on children, "humanities most precious children".  A movie about what parents can do with their children today to create the climate leaders of tomorrow, and to help them be best prepared for that future.

Frogs in a Pot


Lise Van Sustern, MD

Lise Van Sustern, MD


Yale Climate Communications presents scientists Sara Myhre and Jeffrey Kiehl discussing the emotional impacts of climate change a the video called "Textbook Trauma: the emotions of climate change".

Janet Lewis and Beth Haase on the toll that climate change takes on mental health

Lise Van Susteren Speaks Out!

Citizens’ Climate Lobby Radio (May 7,2018)

MPR Interview and article: (Jan 29, 2018) (includes what we can do)

American Public Health Association (Nov, 2017)

Mom’s For Clean Air (Oct, 2017)
Climate and Health: